Collection of Altar - Offer- Sutra Tables

After so many years we are now selling our collection of  34 Altar / Sutra tables & offerstands


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42 cm width Altar Table with polycrome Flowers  Euro 400


55cm Altar table Showa period  Euro 195

25 cm width Altar Table Edo period Euro 325

22 cm width Altar table  Meiji-Taisho periode  Euro  155

41cm width early Showa Altar table  Euro 145

47 cm width black wooden Altar table Taisho period  Euro 185

pair of polychrome painted Offer tabels Meiji period  Euro 150

round double layer Offer table Showa period Euro 85

square/round double layer Offer table  Taisho period Euro 95

4 exceptional quality offerstands in original wooden box Meiji period Euro 295