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                      We are now selling a large part of our private collection

                                                                      Japanese stone Bosatsu ( Boddhisattva )  ROAD - TEMPLE - GARDEN - MEMORIAL  STONES 

                                                                                    from the Muromachi ( 1333 -1573)  until the early Meiji period  (1868-1912) 

                                                                                                                Most  likely the largest collection in the Netherlands

For general / detailed information about it please read this first  click here pls

Below one can find the stones - by clicking on the picture you will find detailed info - pictures and price


a rare  Nyoirin Kannon


a rare to find Seishi Bosatsu

standing Jizo with lotus flower

  a charming Gorinto - Five tier Pagoda 

standing Jizo . "jewel"  in both hands. V-shaped mandorla 

standing Jizo. Hands in mudra greeting/respect

  a rare Bato Kannon - Horsehead Kannon  , protector of the animals

 a small black lava stone Jizo , late Edo period

a really rare Hokora house - Deity house

a Muromachi  1336-1573 period statue of Amida Nyorai

a standing Jizo with the Jewel in both hands

a small charming sitting Jizo with the Jewel in one hand

  A charming Tanokami  - Field god

  a nice Jizo with the Jewel in both hands

a Muromachi period ( 1333- 1573 ) statue of Amida Nyorai 

Momoyama - early Edo Period 1573 -1650 statue of Kannon

a small , early Edo period statue of Jizo

a rare granite early Muromachi ( 1333 - 1573) statue of Jizo

A Muromachi period ( 1333-1573) sitting Jizo . seated under a roof . rare piece

small fine  Jizo with the Jewel in both hands

A Muromachi period ( 1333-1573)  Gorinto  - five-tier pagoda

a late Edo Bato Kannon -  Horse-head Kannon

a so  rare Muromachi ( 1333 - 1573 ) Amida Nyorai

a small Jizo hands in mudra greeting / respect mid Edo period

a granite sitting Jizo, Jewel in both hands

a real heavy Gorinto - Five-tier Pagoda  +/- 90 kg