Stone  1 DOSOJIN Jizo 
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Dosojin is the Japanese Shinto manifestation of a Chinese Taoist deity charged with guarding the border between this world and hell. Believed to obstruct the passage of evil spirits and gods of disease into human communities, Dosojin is associated particularly with roads, crossroads, mountain passes, village boundaries, and travel generally.
Designated as Dosojin's honjibutsu, or Buddhist counterpart, Jizo Bosatsu is the deity most commonly depicted in the case of Dosojin stones.
A rare to find  double Jizo - Dosojin stone. 

HxWxD   :   37 x 20 x 14 cm
Condition :   see the pictures

Materials  :   hard natural stone

Origin      :   Japan

Period     :    dated  21st year of Meiji 1888