Stone  10  Bato Kannon - Horsehead Kannon
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Horse-Headed Kannon. Protector of Animals. Batō Kannon appears in the Mahāvairocana Sūtra (Jp. = Dainichikyō 大日經; composed sometime in the 6th / 7th century AD) and other tantric texts. He is thus a member of the esoteric pantheon. Batō is also one of the Six Kannon. In this latter role, Batō protects those reborn in the animal realm (chikushōdō 畜生道), a realm characterized by stupidity and servitude. Effigies of the Six Kannon began appearing in Japan in the early-mid 10th century onward and were prayed to for the welfare of the dead. The scriptural basis for the six can be traced back to a late 6th-century Tendai text from China, although Batō was not part of the original six but rather inserted some four centuries later. See Six Kannon for details.


a rare Bato Kannon - Horsehead Kannon  , protector of the animals

HxWxD   :   30 x 20 x 11 cm
Condition :   see the pictures

Materials  :   hard natural stone

Origin      :   Japan

Period     :  late Edo - Meiji