Stone  31 Nyoirin Kannon
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One of many esoteric forms of Kannon in Japan and one of Six Kannon who preside over the six realms of karmic rebirth. In statuary, the six-armed version (one for each karmic realm) is the most prevalent, although there are two, four, eight, and 12-armed versions as well. Images of Nyoirin began appearing in Japan during the Heian period (794-1185 AD). Japan’s oldest extant Nyoirin statue is dated to approx. 840 AD and installed at Kanshinji Temple 観心寺 in Osaka (see photo below). The defining attributes of Nyoirin are the wish-granting jewel (nyoi hōju 如意宝珠) and the eight-spoked Dharma wheel (rinpō 輪宝), which s/he is always holding. The wheel symbolizes the teachings of Buddhism and the eight-fold path. The deity’s name is thus commonly translated as “Bodhisattva of the Jewel and the Wheel.” A less-common translation is “Omnipotent Kannon.” Most often shown sitting on a lotus or atop a rock that rises from the sea (indicating Kannon’s holy land Fudarakusen), Nyoirin appears in numerous esoteric texts, including the Hodaraku Kaie Ki 補陀落海會軌 [T 1067.20.131a27], translated into Chinese by Amoghavajra (705–774), and the Dainichi-kyō-sho-en-ō-shō 大日經疏演奧鈔 [T 2216.59.0174b29 - 0175b15], translated by Tōji scholar-monk Gōhō 杲宝 (1306-1362).
 A rare sitting Nyoirin Kannon

HxWxD   :   35 x 21 x 12  cm
Condition :   see the pictures , chip top of mandorla.

Materials  :   hard natural stone

Origin      :   Japan

Period     :   mid-late Edo