Stone 44 a five-tier pagoda 
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Gorintō (Gorinto) 五輪塔 literally means five-ring or five-wheel pagoda. Also called Gorin 五輪, Gorinsekitō 五輪石塔, Hōkaitō 法界塔, Gorintōba 五輪塔婆, or Gogedatsurin 五解脱輪. There are many English translations of gorintō, including five-tier tomb, five-element stele, five-wheel pagoda, five-ring tower or five-tier grave marker. Whatever you may call, it is made of five pieces
Each piece in the five-story pagoda (Sanskrit = stupa) corresponds to one of five elements. The bottom story is square and corresponds to the earth ring (Japanese = Chirin 地輪). Next is the spherical water ring (Japanese = Suirin 水輪), surmounted by the triangular ring of fire (Japanese = Karin 火輪). Above this is a reclining half-moon shape (Japanese = Fūrin 風輪), representing the wind, and topmost is the gem-shaped ring of space (Japanese = Kūrin 空輪).
a charming Gorinto - Five tier Pagoda

HxWxD   :   41 x 29 x 20  cm
Condition :   see the pictures

Materials  :   hard natural stone

Origin      :   Japan

Period     :   late Meiji-Taisho 1900 -1920