General information on Japanese Stones

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     Throughout Japan  one can  find find Japanese stones as   ROADSIGNS   - TEMPLE stones -  GARDEN  -   MEMORIAL places  etc.

                                             Along the roads, path in the woods to protect the traveler on his journey .

                                                          In the Temples to protect the (un) born Children

                                                             In the garden to protect the family and house  

                                                at Memorial places to protect the beloved ones on their last voyage.

   Most common statues are :

   JIZO  Bodhisattva (Jp. Bosatsu)  Protector of children, travellers   see for full info

   KANNON  -   Bodhisattva  God/Goddes  Lord of compassion - Goddes of mercy  see for full info


                                                                                                                                Our collection started a long time ago when we were travelling in Japan and visited an antique dealer in Tokyo .

                                                                                          This dealer is still dealing with stones . please visit his store on Trocadero    ( click and come in )


                                                                                                                    Most stones are made from a hard natural stone. sometimes, more rare , from granite or lava stone  .
                                                                                                        The appearance of the statue might faded away due to age and condition of placing .
                                                                                                              This is a natural process , highly adored by the Japanese stone collectors.
                                                                                                                On several stones one can see light - white spots from lichen ( moss)
                                                                                                      The stones have no problems with winter- freezing - not in Japan and in our garden


                                                                                                Maintenance :  just do nothing but now and them  watering the stones to develop /maintain the lichen